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Summer Nail Collection | Vivid Coral Solid Nail Strip


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Coral is a perfect summer color to finish your summery look! 

Let your nails breathe & healthy! 

100% Real Nail polish by BellaNella

  • Test proven to keep your nails healthy & pretty! Skip your nail salon appointment with no drying time with BellaNella’s Real Nail Polish Appliqués! Made of 100% real nail polish and 90% dried to give you perfect look! It provides a flawless manicure with no drying time. Simply peel the nail polish strips and apply to clean nails, then file away the excess for an instant manicure.

Nail wraps


  • Lasts for up to 14 days

  • Remove with regular nail polish remover

  • One set includes 16 nail polish strips for a full manicure application

For best results, clean nails with alcohol swabs included in the pack before application.

Step 1: Remove clear cover.

Step 2: Peel polish strip.

Step 3: Tear silver tab and select end.

Step 4: Apply to the nail and gently stretch to fit.

Step 5: File excess.

Remove with nail polish remover.